My own opinion, after nearly two years of researching autism, vaccines, genetic disorders, and other variables, is this: autism is preventable.  Also, there is no one smoking gun.  As much as parents want to find one thing to blame, there are so many variables contributing to this disease, its not just genetics or just vaccines, its how we live every day and the world we have created that puts 1 in 100 American children on the Spectrum.  Here are the 5 things I think cause Autism.

We have a genetically/biologically/metabolically susceptible group of children who cannot process the assault of environmental toxins, viruses and bacteria that find their way into their little bodies just as a part of every day life.  They may have genetic abnormalities that predispose this inability to tolerate life outside the womb, but some do not.  Before we start the vaccination program, we don’t know who is at risk and who isn’t, and our one size fits all approach to medicine is robbing 1 in 100 children of a normal life.  Luckily, biomedical treatment and therapies can reverse the damage, but there shouldn’t have to be any reversing in the first place.  Our birth choices, our vaccine schedules, our dependence on antibiotics, our construction and manufacturing standards and our food supply are all contributing factors to the disease, all making a certain population more vulnerable.   Maybe by reading and knowing this growing disease more than what you hear on the nightly news, you can be part of the movement trying to prevent this disease from crippling another generation.

Birth Practices

What do our birth practices have to do with Autism? Plenty!  In the case of vaginal hospital deliveries, only 20% are natural, the other 80% require medical interventions such as an epidural.  Pain medicines increase the likelihood of fever, to which most hospital’s protocols call for antibiotics, setting up gut dysbiosis and thrush from Day 1.  Epidurals and pitocin also increase the likelihood of C-sections, which fail to properly align the skull and ear canals that would usually be squeezed into place during a vaginal delivery.  This increases the tendency towards ear infections, and thus the use of antibiotics. See more about antibiotics below.

Construction & Manufacturing

Our construction and manufacturing standards, or lack thereof shall I say, is leading to a toxic environment in which we are trying to raise healthy children.  The EPA sets acceptable limits on chemicals, but how often are those limits revised, and how many chemicals have been grandfathered in.  How long did we make plastics with BPA, a hormone mimicking compound, before we realized it actually was dangerous?  Even though it can’t be produced in the US anymore, how much of it is sitting in our landfills, and thus leaching into our water supply? How many toys from China with flaking lead paint cross the border every year?

Our water has arsenic, old paint has lead, cheap food means canned goods, upping the exposure to tin.  Fire retardants like boron and antimony are in EVERYTHING in your home, from your conventional mattress to your carpet to your child’s stuffed toys and even their pajamas.  All of these chemicals can affect the metabolic processes of our susceptible kids, and block certain nutrients from being absorbed.  Our children are behind the proverbial 8 ball from day 1.

Investigators are seeing autism clusters around the most chemically polluted areas of our country, like Brick Township, NJ and Houston, TX, both home to big time oil refineries and chemical plants.


Our dependence on, and overperscription of antibiotics, is causing the guts of our children to be compromised, never mind creating drug resistant super bugs like MRSA.  Antibiotics indiscriminately wipe out both good and bad bacteria in the gut.  We need to have good bacteria to digest and absorb our food properly.  With a clean slate gut, as antibiotics create, the bad bacteria can flourish and repopulate the gut quicker than the good guys.  This is why your doctor tells you to eat yogurt while you are on antibiotics.  The bad bacteria, called Candida, gets into the gut lining and can literally cause small perforations or holes in the bowel wall.  This leads to particles of food leaking from the gut into the blood stream.  This is NOT supposed to happen, and the body recognizes these foreign particles in the blood as allergens, and starts the cycle of an allergic reaction. Undigested dairy and wheat particles are peptides that act as morphine-like compounds to succeptible children.  The candida also release their own toxins, which effect brain function and can be brain toxic as well.

Food Supply

Please read my article, Your Food is F$%^&*()! It goes into full detail as to why the US food supply is slowly killing us, but here are a few highlights.

We are skewing the makeup of our meats by the way we feed and raise our animals.  rGBH hormones in the beef, chickens that never see the light of day and need to eat arsenic laden food to fight off bacteria that grow in their horrid living conditions, are all passed on to us when we take a bite.  We feed our cattle corn, and genetically modified corn at that.  Cows can’t get enough B vitamins from their diets, and it screws up the fat content of the meat.  It increases the omega 6 and 9 content and decreases the omega 3 content.  Our diets have become so low in omega 3’s that it is skewing our Th1 and Th2 immunity, causing all sorts of immunologic dysfunction in the population.  They are feeding our farm raised fish corn too!  I am pretty sure I never saw a stalk of corn growing in a lake or ocean!!!

Our vegetables are laden with pesticides, and harvested before ripening, changing the chemical structure of the plant.  Oh and then there is that stuff in the middle aisles companies try to pass off as food but is anything but!  The high fructose corn syrup and soy based packaged foods are full of preservatives, GMOs and colors. GMOs can alter the physical makeup of the gut, by passing on the spliced DNA from the food to your cells.  They can also cause a hyper immune response because the body knows that particle is not supposed to occur in nature. Many preservatives can act as neurotoxins.  Chemical colors like Yellow #7 and Red #3 are made from coal tar. 17 have been banned in the last century.

Having a skewed immune system, gut dysfunction, and omega imbalance, are all symptoms often see in Autistic children.  Add the chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and colorants, and you have a definite recipe for toxic overload.  These kids can’t process the toxins to be excreted from the body, so they get stuck, some crossing the blood brain barrier and interrupting normal neurological function.


We’ve all been so assured by our public health officials, doctors and news anchors that vaccines don’t cause Autism.  They quote studies that disprove the link and assure the public there is no potential harm in sticking your kid 36 times in the first 5 years of life.  I won’t go into the big cover up, big pharma, big wool over our eyes debate.  Lets just question these few points.

If vaccines don’t cause autism, why did autism diagnoses grow exponentially after 1989, when the schedule was changed, more vaccines added and thimerisol introduced?  If vaccines don’t cause autism with the toxic heavy metals used as preservatives, how come some children can loose their ASD diagnosis after completing chelation therapy, where the metals are removed? If vaccines don’t cause autism, what was that magical thing that happened the exact same day or week of a shot to make a completely neurotypical child go mute? If a child, like Hannah Polling, literally changes in front of the doctor’s eyes and we call it a vaccine causing autism, why if the regression happens at home or a few days later do we say it is unrelated? If vaccines don’t cause autism, why are researchers finding vaccine viruses like measles in the guts of autistic kids but not in the guts of neurotypical ones?

With what I have learned over the last 2 years, I honestly can say I don’t buy the bag of crap the AAP, the FDA and big Pharma is trying to sell us.  There is too much money at stake for the truth to come out.  That’s why the Paul Offit’s of the world who stand to make a buck come down so hard on the Dr. Sears’ of the world, who are just trying to educate their patients, open up options and the discussion.

Vaccine manufacturers increased the thimerisol in the flu vaccination to make up for the fact that its “out” of all the other childhood vaccines.  Couldn’t one theorize this is so their 1 in 150 number doesn’t go back to pre-1989 levels thus proving on its own that vaccines were the issue? And when they were forced to take out the thimerisol from children’s vaccines, they just upped the amount of aluminum, a metal we are just starting to understand but is already implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease, a neurological disorder.

Andrew Wakefield’s study pointed to thimerisol as the smoking gun, but for as much good discussion as his study brought about, I don’t think it is the complete answer.  For children whose are immune compromised, whose toxic load is too great to begin with, whose methylation and sulfation metabolic processes are not functioning optimally, vaccines pose potential danger.  I cannot pin point and say it is definitely the heavy metals, or the monkey DNA, or the fetus tissue or the formaldehyde or the antifreeze.  It may be one of those, or it may be the cruddy combination of all of them.  In healthy children, they have the ability to handle being shot with a virus, a heavy metal and a few chemicals, all without issue, maybe even 4 times over.  For those susceptible, it could be a shot that shatters a family’s life.


In summation, the food we eat, the drugs we take, the stuff we have in our houses, the vaccines we put in our bodies, all contribute to the toxic load some children can’t handle, and we label that toxic load Autism. To quote the work of Dr. Jill James,

The abnormal metabolic profile in children with autism is consistent with the abnormal genetic profile and strengthens the hypothesis that genetic susceptibility to oxidative stress and reduced methylation capacity may predispose these children to neurologic, immunologic, and gastrointestinal dysfunction that occurs with autism.

Once we solve some of the aforementioned issues, and figure out how to test for that susceptible population, I think we will see ASD slowly disappear, or at minimum, the frequency return to the 1980’s rate of 1 in 500.

So what can you do to prevent Autism? Read my article “Preventing Autism” and also read “Our story”, to understand what one of these at risk kids looks like.