Food: Shrimp (one of the Top 8 allergens)
Date: 12/10/09
Meal: Dinner
Size of Portion: Maybe 1 shrimp total
Reaction Symptoms: trouble going to sleep, apparent pain or reflux, screeching, waking up at 3am ready to party, wiggling around until 4am, needing “out of bed” help to get back to sleep, rash on lower back, pimply or hives seen the following morning
Resolution: administered 1/2 tsp Terramin Clay to stop the reaction and prevent the food from being fully digested.

We had takeout, and the restaurant is kind enough to give me steamed only shrimp and vegetables.  Our son was munching on a piece of broccoli, something that I know has been safe, but saw me enjoying my shrimp and decided he wanted in on that as well.  I know its a highly allergenic food, but that is more in the IgE class.  With our son’s allergies being more IgG mediated, and needing to add animal proteins, I decided to give it a whirl, fully knowing it could have bad consequences.

Well, it did.  He had a harder than normal time falling to sleep.  He was also up 20 minutes later screaming and writhing in pain.  If he wakes up and its not on the sleep cycle (45 minute increments), I know its because he is in pain and something isn’t right.  A usual wake up is easily dealt with, he snuggles in quickly, and within 5 minutes is back down.  Usual wake ups are easy.  I knew this was different; he was stretched out straight on his back, stiff and screaming.  When I held him, he would not settle in.  He was visibly uncomfortable.

I decided that because shrimp can be very allergenic, I didn’t want him to keep digesting it and potentially have a worse night than we were already having.  I mixed 1/2 tsp of Terramin clay with a bit of warm water, put it in a large syringe, and administered it.  And when I say administered it, I mean had to hold a writhing, screaming, crying baby, squish his cheeks together, put it in and hope for the best.  It was dark and this morning I saw my efforts had missed a few times.  His PJ’s look like a Jackson Pollack painting.

But I did get some of the clay in and within 10 minutes, you could see it working.  It worked so well that he slept from about 8:45 to 3am.  We were able to stop the reaction in its tracks, thank goodness.

This morning though, the true signs of a bad reaction were seen. He has a red pimply rash all over his lower back.  He hasn’t had a skin reaction in months, but it does make sense that most of his skin reactions are to animal proteins.  You may not be able to see them very well in the picture, but on his right upper buttock, there is a big one, and one a little northwest of his crack on the left.