Food: Homemade NT Based Almond Milk
Date Started: 12/21
First Meal: Breakfast
Trial Amounts: 1/4 cup
Trial End: 12/26
Top 8 Allergen: YES

We saw the allergist last week and he’d like to see us get more aggressive with trying new foods, with the goal to be off the Elecare formula ASAP, but definitely by the time the little guy turns 2.  So to get closer to that goal, we are trying out almond milk.

Last night I made homemade almond milk.  It came out really well, even though it is an expensive and slightly time consuming effort.  We started with breakfast and gave our son maybe an ounce or two to start.  He loved it!  He had another ounce or so at lunch, and a few sips here and there throughout the afternoon.

The little guy had his usual 2 hr afternoon nap, and wasn’t showing any typical signs of reaction, such as an immediate rash or screeching.  He did seem very verbal yesterday, which is never a bad thing, but it was something I noticed.  Now, I will admit, I am being stupid by trying the almond milk now: he’s teething his eye teeth, has been warm on and off for a week, and has a boogery nose, all things I attribute to the teething.  In addition, we are still in yeast kill mode, so he takes nystatin, which can expel yeast from the gut and result in weird poops or diaper rashes.  So to see a fever or a rash from this food trial, I may not really know if its the food or everything else going on.

While I was making dinner, the little boy who usually loves to come along for the ride via the Ergo was especially squirmy and unhappy, but I didn’t smell anything.  Not until tubby time did I realize he had a “shart” that was irritating his bum bum and had caused a massive rash.  Now I don’t know if the almond milk caused this or if its the teething or the yeast killing, but its the first rash ever where the little guy cried when we wiped him.

Sleep last night was ok.  He woke 2 hrs into sleep, and didn’t seem like he would go back down, and seeing that I was tired, I just took him to bed with me.  I can’t tell if its these massive teeth or the almond milk.  He had a reasonably normal night, and woke for the day at 6am.

Today is day 2 of the trial and I’m about to give him a few ounces to try again.  I’ll be looking for more behavioral changes, rashes and poop smell.  Look for an update tomorrow!

Update: 4pm 12/22, day 2 – my kid looks like hell, between the dark circles under his eyes, the massive raw rash, the pea soup diarrhea, and intermittent fevers, I took him to the pediatrician.  He said it could be Slap Cheek, or teeth or the almond milk, and to abandon the almond milk trial until he gets the teeth and starts looking better.  He has fluid in his right ear, which can be a sign of allergic reaction, so for now, we’re abandoning the food trial and will resume at a later date.