Many parents think that since the AAP”s edict back in 1999 that mercury and its derivative preservative Thimerisol have been eliminated from all childhood vaccines.  Unfortunately, many available flu shots still have Thimerisol.  Your doctor may tell you it is just a trace amount, which it does sound small when you say anything in “micrograms”, but if we look at the EPA guidelines for mercury exposure, of which Thimerisol is 50% mercury, it is still way too much for our little children, and even for adults.

The National Vaccine Information Center has a wonderful calculator that can tell you how much mercury your child will be exposed to if you decide to get a flu shot, and like in 2009, and additional shot of H1N1. It compares that level of mercury with the level allowed for by the EPA.  I did it for the 150lb Research Mommy, with 1 seasonal flu and 1 H1N1 shot each.  Here are the results:

Yowza.  I encourage everyone to check this calculator, as it has all the manufactured US available flu vaccines in the database.  This way you can be informed before getting poked.

I don’t want to go into all the evils of mercury here, but just consider this for a moment.  The EPA’s own site contains information regarding 0.0001mg of mercury being directly correlated to “Developmental neuropsychological impairment”. That’s a nice fancy few words that could describe Autism or ADHD or Depression.  With the H1N1 shot and booster, the AAFP and AAP are asking their patients to be exposed to 3 times the amount of mercury of a regular flu season.  So explain to me again doctor, how is this safe?