January 2010

Does the idea of whipping out the giant juicer every morning just for a cup or two of nutritious and yummy green juice have your head spinning? Here is a quick tip so you only juice and clean once a week, but get to enjoy this wonderful health drink every day.  On the day you go grocery shopping, break out the juicer and make a huge batch of juice, or a couple different types.  But don’t put that juice in a container in the fridge.  You see, the longer juice is exposed to air, the more nutrition is lost.  So here’s one way to minimize the nutrition loss.  Put that juice in ice cube trays, put it in the freezer for a couple hours until juice cubes are formed.  Freezing the juice into cubes makes a smaller surface area for the oxygen to destroy, and it keeps the enzymes active.  Put those cubes in a ziploc bag or a vacuum sealed bag is even better.  Then in the morning, take a couple cubes and put them in a glass of room temp or cooler water.  Wait a few minutes, and you’ll have fresh nutritious juice without the hassle of daily juicing.



Diet coke, and other diet sodas, contain cancer causing sweeteners, DNA altering preservatives, stimulants and colorants with no safety levels established.  They are seen as the “healthy” alternative to regular soda, even by nutritionists and doctors.  In reality though, they are anything but healthy.  Here’s more than enough evidence to convince you to never ever ever take another sip.


2010 will be the year that our site is fully up and running.  Its also the year I plan to do a full and complete detox/yeast kill and to do the same for my hubby.  I’ve been a little lax with supplements and minor allergen avoidance, but I am already feeling the negative effects, especially in the sleep department.  So back on the wagon I go!  I am also getting hubby to give up soda, at least for 30 days, to see if it makes a difference in his weight loss.

Here’s to heath and happiness for you and your family in the new year.  What are you giving up or adding to your health regime?