If someone told you that babywearing could calm a colicky baby, lead to better sleeping, better nursing, better digestion, and overall better disposition, would you believe them? I hope so, because its all true.  There is scientific evidence to suggest such, in addition to it being the cultural norm in some societies where they experience very little colic or  separation anxiety, that babywearing and intimate touch are extremely important for developing children.  If we look at our descendants and other species in the animal kingdom, we see how common and how biologically driven the practice is. From our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, to ducks, frogs and even spiders, babywearing is seen constantly in nature as a normal, and necessary part of rearing young.

Having been a baby wearing momma since day 1, I can tell you that the above are all true and to this day, even a rowdy and rambunctious toddler can reap great benefits in constitution and sleep from a little extra wearing.

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