Nuture Shock by Po Bronson & Ashley Merriman.  So I will be honest, I was nervous when I read the summary of this book in the Kindle store, which stated our intuition in raising our children is often wrong.  That’s the premise I follow in parenting, listening to my gut and checking that against what is biologically driven and expected (aka monkey parenting).  I really didn’t want to spend my precious free time reading something that told me I was……WRONG! But so far, and I am only 1 chapter in, I am on board and it is a very interesting read.  And so far, I’m not wrong 🙂


I just finished reading Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jeffrey Kartzinel’s book Healing and Preventing Autism.  The book review will be coming shortly, but in the meantime, here are all the notes I took in the book using my Kindle (I love that thing!).  It is very long, but I think skimming the notes may give the readers a good sense of how amazing this book is and how valuable the information is to ALL parents, not just those with kids on the Spectrum.


NCSS as its known in mommyville is the sleep bible for Attachment Parenting families, who as the title says, prefer to go the “no-cry” route. This book should be the first sleep book everyone chooses, and if it doesn’t solve your problems, then investigate medical issues such as food allergies and genetic/nutrition issues before moving onto other options.

Elizabeth Plantley, author and mother of 4, dedicates the first chapter to safety, a must considering that many may choose cosleeping as part of their repertoire for a good night’s rest.