Sleep Help

Once you become a parent and your child starts a schedule of their own, they fall into a pretty predictable pattern.  You’ll hear people say they set their clock by their kids.  What most parents don’t know is that the pattern isn’t of the child’s own creation or desire, but rather the biological circadian rhythms at work.  And for those of us who have little ones who don’t nap or sleep well, working with these sleep cycles just may be the answer to resetting the biological clock and getting adequate sleep.



NCSS as its known in mommyville is the sleep bible for Attachment Parenting families, who as the title says, prefer to go the “no-cry” route. This book should be the first sleep book everyone chooses, and if it doesn’t solve your problems, then investigate medical issues such as food allergies and genetic/nutrition issues before moving onto other options.

Elizabeth Plantley, author and mother of 4, dedicates the first chapter to safety, a must considering that many may choose cosleeping as part of their repertoire for a good night’s rest.