Cradle Cap refers to the little crusty flakes we sometimes see on an infant’s skull. The medical term for cradle cap is seborrhea, and there seems to be a decent amount of info on it when you google cradle cap….BUT

Yes there is a big BUT, most of these sites fail to tell you that cradle cap can be caused by nutritional deficiences or yeast overgrowth. They also fail to say that correcting the cause will in turn correct the symptom. Meaning, if we treat the nutritional deficiency, the body can continue its normal process of exfoliation without the help of special shampoos or constant brushing. One nutrient that is responsible for skin and nails and hair is Biotin. A biotin deficiency can cause cradle cap. So can a yeast overgrowth or a food allergy.

Our son was born with significant cradle cap on the top portion of his skull. I had read all the baby sites regarding cradle cap saying it usually disappears by a year old. I even admit to picking a few little flakes off every know and then. Well, 14 months old and our son still had these little buggers. Like all the other good things I have done for my son, the mom’s of the allergy board and the Yahoo GFCF board guided me. I guessed that our son did in fact have yeast, but didn’t see that as the cause of the cradle cap. I theorized it was likely a biotin deficiency, and started adding 500 mcg of Country Life Biotin to the last bottle of the evening. For a long while, I didn’t think it was doing anything. I happened to add Thorne’s Basic B Complex a few weeks later. I cannot confirm that the B vitamins did anything, but within a week, I was surprised when I looked and the cradle cap was gone.

If your child has cradle cap, it may be the first sign of something medically wrong and deserves a little more research.


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