Someone once told me that children are put on this planet to heal us.  Whether that is through their love and joy, or what they teach us, they are here to heal us.  I never quite understood this until I had my son, and months after his birth, I realized that he was here to save my life, and I in turn, am saving his..Here is our story.

In February of 2007, we found ourselves pregnant with our first baby.  Two weeks into the pregnancy, we became part of the cruel reality of today’s 35% miscarriage rate and lost our first little one.  Devastated but optimistic, as everyone said after that waiting period, we would be very fertile and things would happen quickly for us.  When they didn’t, the frustration and anger started to set in.

The summer of 2007 was full of highs and lows.  We spent 3 weeks living at my parents house cleaning it out while they were on vacation.  All I ate for 3 weeks was pizza, subs, salads, Chinese food, milk and diet Pepsi.  My periods went from manageable to horrible, my face broke out in a weird rash, and I had never felt worse.  I knew something was wrong.

We were now nearly 9 months away from our miscarriage and heartbroken we still were not pregnant.  I decided it was time to intervene naturally before the 1 year mark when a reproductive endocrinologist would consider us as patients.  We decided to try Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and found a wonderful acupuncturist/herbalist in a city nearby, who just so happened to specialize in fertility.  For 6 weeks I followed her protocol, twice weekly acu sessions, daily herbs and a new diet that eliminated dairy and wheat.  I can honestly tell you I had not felt that good in years.

6 weeks is all it took.  We were pregnant again and due in the Summer.  I truly believe that TCM and diet change enabled my body to carry a baby.  We were thrilled, but our previous loss tempered our excitement with reality.  I focused on eating well, but added back both dairy and wheat to my diet, having been brainwashed into thinking I couldn’t be healthy without my calcium and my whole grains.

The pregnancy progressed normally and all the testing, like the NT scan, and growth ultrasounds looked fine.  We were going to have a happy and healthy baby.  The only issue we ever had was that the little guy was constantly doing gymnastics in my tummy, to the point where in the later stages of the pregnancy, I ended up in the hospital short of breath because his foot was jammed up into my lung.  What I didn’t know then was that hyperactive babies, those gymnasts in utero are trying to tell us something….They are allergic to something mommy is eating.

The most stress we had in our pregnancy was fully researching some of the medical options for our child, weighing the pro’s and con’s, from silly things like eye goop to harder decisions like circumcision and vaccines, the toughest of which was his vaccine schedule.  I interviewed two doctors who were for alternative schedules, read books, watched doctor’s presentations from conferences on Youtube.  I read the CDC website over and over, examined my own immunization records, looked at ingredient lists and then cross referenced them to the EPA website, looked at the schedules for other developed nations.  Needless to say I was fully informed.  We decided on a delayed schedule similar to the pre-1989 schedule, similar to what I had as a baby.  Some people didn’tt agree with our decision, and I can understand that, but at that point, I was too scared by what I had discovered to back the vaccine program with blind faith.  I wanted to see who my child was and get to know them before I went messing with anything, just in case I had to be able to tell the difference between the old him and the new him.  Luckily, and I didn’t know it then, but that fear, saved our son’s life.  I don’t know why I was so passionate about this topic, spending nearly a month researching it full time, but I tend to think that fate and my blossoming mommy intuition were guiding me.

I won’t tell you about my labor and delivery in detail, all I will say is 53 hours is a long time to have a baby.  All of our hopes and plans and classes on natural childbirth went out the window.  The epidural gave me a fever, the pitocin put us both in stress, and I gave birth to a blue, bad apgar score, beautiful creature who was ripped away from me just 45min after delivery to be given antibiotics because of my fever.  For as much as I think a hospital was the right place for so tough a birth, the interventions and unnecessary protocols, I feel, hurt us and set us back.  Sitting in the recovery room wondering where in the stupid hospital was my baby and husband and not being able to walk to see him was one of the worst feelings I have ever felt in my life.  Our next baby, if we so choose and are so blessed, will be a midwife assisted home waterbirth.

Post partum recovery was fine, bonding took a while, and breastfeeding freaking hurt.  I made plenty of milk, and he liked to eat, but something wasn’t right.  We both developed thrush from the in-hospital antibiotics, and I believe they are why we are still dealing with gut dysbiosis and yeast with our son to this day.  Even after the thrush healed, the lactation consultant couldn’t even help us.  Then one day I noticed his tongue was fused to his lower gum line, and it didn’t seem like he could stick it out.  I had been watching all these videos online about the proper latch and where the tongue should be….well needless to say I start googling because mommy instinct at this point has kicked into full gear and something isn’t right.

I came across a blog with a picture of a tongue tied baby and the structure matched our son’s 100%.  Then I google tongue tie, read about the impact on latch and BFing, and viola, diagnosis made.  My first diagnosis as Dr. Mom!  Brought him to the pediatrician for confirmation, saw a surgeon in the city, and within 2 weeks, the tongue tie was clipped and we were a happy breastfeeding team from that day forward.

Right before the surgery, our son had started sleeping longer stretches, but still has a body rash that would scare a toad.  After the surgery, something snapped and he was a different baby.  I still need to confirm if they gave him more antibiotics that day.  The sleep went to hell, he was refusing the breast, he couldn’t be put down, he wouldn’t sleep more than 15 minutes at a time.  He seemed to be in constant pain and needed constant motion.  Dr. Mom again hit Google U and learned about High Needs Babies from Dr. Sears.  He seemed to fit the profile perfectly so I just went with it, did everything I could to make him comfortable.

After one absolutely horrid night of 6 hr scream fest, I knew something wasn’t right.  The nurse at our doctor’s office had said if he ever got really bad to try a bit of mylanta and if that worked, then we know its “reflux”.  Well, I did work, he stopped crying and was able to sleep, but unfortunately we were about to go down a very long and wrong road.  The next day we got the reflux diagnosis and started Zantac.  Because it is so weight sensitive, he grew out of that quickly and moved on to Prevacid.  This was about the time of the two month appointment, the time when we would have started with 1 vaccine.  We delayed, and we are so lucky we did.  We had no idea at this point the gravity of our son’s medical issues, it really wouldn’t be until a year later we would.  Back then, we could have never predicted that vaccinating our son and starting then, even with our nice and “safer” delayed schedule could have been catastrophic.  From then on, every appointment we delayed and delayed and delayed.

By 6 months old, we were at double the adult dose for Prevacid, sleeping only 45 minutes at a time, constant nursing throughout the night, and starting solid foods.  Our natural tendency was to be slightly AP type parents, but realized to survive this child we needed to dive in headfirst, so we were cosleeping, BFing, babywearing parents who ended up falling in love with all the warm and fuzzies being AP can bring.  This whole time we battled yeasty diaper rashes, mysterious fevers, a red anus, horrible constipation and a constantly boogery nose we were always told were all part of normal infancy. Come to find out months later, they are NOT normal and all symptoms of a food allergic baby.  Amazing how when we figured out the allergies, all the above mentioned issues went away.

As we introduced solids, things just got worse and the reflux symptoms were like we weren’t even medicating him.  We were at the point where the pediatrician wouldn’t prescribe more meds, as he was already on a ridiculously high dose, and we were hopeless with what to do.  Our pedi told us to start sleep training, it was the only way to help.  My heart knew better and had we done it, we would have never found out about our son’s food allergies, sending him down a very scary road of potential autoimmune disorders, behavior issues, and intestinal malfunction.

There is a woman out there in the world and she is my savior.  I posted one day in the Nighttime Parenting forum on in regards to our 45min sleeper, and she said the only time she had seen that was with food allergic babies.  So I posted in the allergy board, asking what they thought.  These mommas, who I didn’t know how brilliant they were at the time, confirmed they thought I needed to join the club of aller-moms.  So began our journey with food allergies.

<!–more–>We made an appointment with a pediatric gastrointerologist (pedi GI) at the top children’s hospital.  In the meantime, our pediatrician did what he knew, which was to test for IgE (anaphylactic, or main stream) allergies.  All of the testing at that point came back negative, and there were no suggestions on what to do.  I think at this point our pedi thought I would be one of <em>those moms</em> who <em>see things</em>.  I did a little research online, finding out the most typical allergies and started with a dairy and wheat free diet (gluten and casein free, or GFCF).  When we saw the pedi GI, explained what I had cut from my diet, and being down to prepregnancy weight because of the breastfeeding, I was told I was suffering from an eating disorder and manifesting my body issues onto my child.  I knew the doctor was wrong, I ate like a horse thank you very much, but I knew from that moment on this was going to be up to me to solve.  We pushed forward, and kept trying to add solids, which he seemed to love, but not connecting the dots that his further deterioration and the appearance of new rashes were because we were totally doing the wrong thing still medicating with Prevacid.

A few weeks later, still seeing no improvement, I read about IgG allergy testing on the GFCF Yahoo board.  I was ready to try anything, and luckily our pedi was too.  We sent the bloodwork in and waited two grueling weeks.  In that time, I recalled a DAN! doctor whom I had spoken to regarding delayed vaccine schedules.  Reading more and more on the GFCF board, and connecting the dots between gastrointestinal issues and food allergies, I asked that doctor for a recommendation for a GI.  There was one they loved who primarily works with autistic kids, who is very open to supplementation and alternative testing to get answers for these kids.  PERFECT this is the guy that is going to help us.  He’s booked for two months…..ok, maybe not, but thinking he may share his viewpoints with his colleagues, I make an appointment for the next week with his young and cool counterpart.  This is one of those things where I think the universe was looking out for us, it was a blessing in disguise as our new pedi GI has been the most wonderful, understanding, open and patient doctor we have ever worked with.

The day before our first appointment, we get our results back and our son is severely allergic to oat and coconut, and somewhat allergic to a handful of other things.  Wow, now this was something I could work with.  And, to be able to show my husband, who to this point couldn’t believe he had a kid with allergies, concrete evidence thereof, was priceless.  I eliminated everything that bothered him from both of our diets.  At our first appointment, the doctor found the test results interesting, but said they aren’t used in mainstream medicine because they aren’t accurate enough, so in addition to what I had already cut out, we added the Top 8.  We also did a stool test that day that showed positive for occult blood, meaning our son’s intestines were bleeding because he was being so irritated by his food and my milk.  Our doctor though, knowing how passionate I was about breastfeeding, worked out a plan for us that aimed to keep doing that.

Unfortunately, cutting the Top 8 plus the IgG+ only made a little difference.  I mean, we definitely saw a difference, but it wasn’t enough to say we had our answer.  In the meantime, I was still scouring the internet, reading all I could about these types of allergies.  On the board, lots of moms attested to positive results when they were IgG tested and pulled out their own set of allergens from their diet, many of which they never knew they had.  Well heck, as soon as I read that, I was in my internist’s office getting blood drawn, ready to wait another painstaking two weeks for results.  During this time, I read and read and read.  I read about milk and the casomorphin peptides acting like drugs on susceptible kids.  I read about ADHD diagnoses disappearing when kids were milk free.  I read about kids being addicted to their allergens.  Recalling my own past diagnosis of ADHD in high school, my daily 3 + glasses of milk, and how good I felt right before we got pregnant when I was GFCF, something clicked and I suspected I fit this profile.  I would soon find out my intuition was correct.  I am severely allergic to milk, egg whites, coffee, and yeasts.  I have about 30 other foods that I am mildly allergic to.  For my parents, who had always pushed milk and “milk does a body good”, one of them having grown up on a dairy farm, this was tough news to hear.

Let’s stop here for a moment and pause.  I want you to fully understand what has happened.  My son, the symptoms he was showing, and my instinct to get to the bottom of this, resulted in finding allergies in myself that I never knew about, and not for this experience, would never have likely figured out.  Many allergy books talk about autoimmune disorders because caused by the constant assault of unknown allergens.  This is where I get to say, my son saved my life.  After stopping dairy, my periods changed for the better, the backaches I had dealt with for 10 years disappeared, the need to see the chiropractor diminished, my skin got better, my bowels moved quicker, I slept better, I didn’t have fatigue anymore, my blood pressure normalized, my anger tempered and I started to feel better than I had in years. I repeat, my son saved my life.

So I cut out all the things I was allergic to, in addition to all the things our son was allergic to, plus the Top 8.  I didn’t have a very large selection to choose from, and was often hungry and grumpy.  I mourned loosing my foods, I was jealous of people who could eat normal, and it wasn’t until much later that I felt at peace with the new me.  Part of getting to that good place was seeing our son greatly improve, start sleeping longer, his color looked better and his diaper rashes went away.  But every time we went for a checkup with the pedi GI, our son still had occult blood.  Something was still up.

Around this same time, the body rashes started.  His newborn one had gone away a while back, but now, we were starting to see weird hives and body rashes that we started to connect with the solids we were trying.  Salmon, peach, carrots, chicken broth, all made his break out.  It got to the point where no solid food was safe and we stopped, cold turkey.  We started food journaling, being scientists and investigators, our son was our little science project and we were going to figure this out.

Through this process we discovered that if I ate beef, our son had a very refluxy night.  There were a few other catches like this where the IgG test hadn’t, but it was then, with pulling beef from my diet that we were finally able to come off the Prevacid.  This, to me, was amazing to discover that my son’s reflux had been caused by his food allergies.  It was the first time that I started to understand reflux not as its own stand alone disease, as is often understood and portrayed, but rather a symptom of food allergy or intolerance.  Also at this time, at the urging of the pedi GI, we started some elemental formula during the day, just so his gut could heal temporarily, and we could go back to exclusive breastfeeding one day.

Through my research, I discovered homeopathy, traditional foods, flower essences and other sources of natural healing, all things I have considered or tried with our son in an attempt to heal him.  We have implemented some of these things into our daily life, and we are reaping the wellness benefits because of it.

Still reading every day about this stuff, and at the suggestion of the aller-moms on Mothering, we decided to see a DAN! doctor as well and add her to the team.  The similarities between our son’s gut health and those of autistic children was scary.   She was wonderful, explaining leaky gut, the effect of antibiotics, and how the food allergy cycle works between a breastfeeding mom and child.  She put both of us on probiotics and digestive enzymes, and the little guy on magnesium to heal his constipation.  You want to talk about shock, who knew that a few little pills could have such a great impact.  He did so much better with this protocol, leaps and bounds from the baby that woke up every 45 minutes, and he was starting to look better too.

The DAN! doctor had us do a stool test, which revealed he has a bacteria in his gut called citrobacter.  We tried to fight it with the probiotics and a specially compounded antibiotic, but that didn’t end well.  I noticed him wheezing a day after first starting the antibiotic, the pedi shot us to the ER, and he was “diagnosed” with sulfur allergy (it was a sulfur based antibiotic).  We now have an epi pen because this was more of an IgE/anaphylactic reaction.

At a year old, our son still wasn’t sleeping more than 3 or 4 hour stretches, still had cradle cap, and his eyes were always dark or pink.  And every time we tested him, he was still borderline anemic.  And we had maybe 2 safe food.  He had made great strides, was a lot less clingy, antsy, cranky and whiny than he had been when his tummy was bothering him.  He was napping like a champ, 2-3 hour naps every day.  He was walking and starting to say a few things, though it didn’t seem like the words stuck in his memory.  It bothered me to no end that not only was he not healthy, outwardly he didn’t look healthy.

Just a side note, at 13 months, our beautiful breastfeeding relationship ended.  At the pushing of the pedi GI, and my own supply issues around my period, it took a few months before I could actually pull the plug, but I finally came to terms that I had done all I could and stopped.  We made a seamless weaning transition, and bottle nurse the hypoallergenic formula to our son.  I can still “feed with love” even if its not out of my boobies.  I will forever be grateful for those wonderful breastfeeding memories and what it did for our relationship.

Between the Allergy forum and my own research, I experimented with a few things, all of which would be harmless if they didn’t work out.  The first is biotin, a vitamin that if not eating meats, kids can be deficient in.  Biotin is good for the hair and nails and skin, but also the gut lining.  It can stop yeast from proliferating.  So I added biotin to his nighttime bottle.  At first I didn’t think it was doing anything, and I don’t know if adding the b vitamins pushed it over the edge, but about a month later, I noticed that his cradle cap was gone! I also tried some homeopathics that seem to calm him if he got irritable.

The DAN! also ordered a NutraEval panel from Genova, a comprehensive test that shows levels for vitamins, minerals, enzymes, metals toxicity, and detox ability. It took a few tries to get sufficient urine for this test and we waited nearly a month for the results.  In the meantime…

With the dark circles under our son’s eyes, but knowing he wasn’t consuming any of his major allergen triggers, I started to suspect more nutritional deficiencies and potentially a genetic issue, rather than just the food.  I looked into MTHFR, which is an enzyme that processes folate.  Neural tube defects and midline defects, such as tongue tie or a high palate as our son has, can be caused by a lack of folate.  I took my prenatal, and ate leafy greens, so how could this happen?  Something in my mommy gut told me this could be another piece of the puzzle for us.

On this hunch, I asked the pedi for the MTHFR genetic abnormality test.  A week later we had our results, and my gut again proved correct.  Our little guy is heterozygous (meaning carries one copy) of the C667T abnormality on his MTHFR.  What does all that globedy gook mean?  If you are heterozygous, it means that you got one copy from one of your parents, and that you have a 35% decrease in the function of the enzyme.  But because all of the metabolism cycles are connected (see the methyl cycle map), our son’s ability to process food, break it down properly, and detoxify chemicals, all have been compromised by at least 35%.  Also, 98% of autistic children are at least heterozygous, some homozygous.

Later in life, our son will have to worry more because this genetic abnormality is connected with high homocystine, implicated in heart disease, and increased risk of stroke.  He will also have to do genetic counseling with his future wife, to protect their babies (ooooh, my grandbabies!!!).  My husband and I now need to get tested to see who gave it to him, and the results will determine how we grow our family in the future.

So to override this enzyme dysfunction, we need to give our son folate and B vitamins in the active form, bypassing the steps his body can’t do.  We give him Thorne’s B complex, 1/4 of a capsule a day, plus 1/4 of a methyl B12 tab.  Wouldn’t you know it, but if our son wakes up with dark circles, as soon as we give him this, he looks normal and healthy!  It is amazing.  Even though the B12 can cause hyperactivity, you can see better digestion, skin coloring, everything, and it makes having a slightly overactive toddler for an hour or two totally worth it.

At our son’s 15mo well baby visit, our son checked out very well, except for still being slightly anemic.  We were adding more foods, he was learning to fall asleep with just snuggles and singing in his newly converted toddler bed, and was growing on his curves.  His pediatrician seemed happy.  We brought up our growing concerns regarding our son’s language: slow gaining new words, loosing words that had come easy, seemingly far behind his other little boy peers.  I got the usual “some kids talk late” speech and was told everything was likely fine, but if I was truly worried, to call for an evaluation.

In our state, children under 3 can be evaluated for developmental delays for free, and if qualified, given services in the home for a nominal fee.  So of course, trusting my instinct that something isn’t right, I called for the free evaluation.  For two hours, three development specialists sat here at the house and worked with the little guy on all types of motor, language, physical, mimicking skills.  He was doing things he had never done with me, picking things up very quickly, and it was quite impressive to watch (sorry proud momma moment).  But when it came to the language, he just struggled.  They scored him 18-22 months, or 3-7 months ahead on everything, except for language.  For expressive language, as it is called, he score at 10 months, nearly 6 months behind for his age.  Because of this, he qualifies for our state’s early intervention program and will receive services.

So now, in addition to the food and gut issues, we have a learning delayed child.  This was a scary new place to be in, and I knew, based on my reading of the connections between food allergies, impaired metabolism, and delays, that this was a possibility in our future.  Just harder to accept when it becomes your reality.  And even though I can be proud of his progress and those things he’s ahead in, it’s still hard to hear real words maybe once a week.

I don’t know if the fluid in his ears as an infant caused hearing loss, or whether his brain was malfunctioning because of hyper immune response, or if he hasn’t had enough nutritional support to make those neurological connections, and I may never know.  All of those are possibilities of why he isn’t talking and is loosing words. Hopefully, the speech therapist in our home once a week, along with a class at the Early Intervention office, will put him back on track with his peers and I will hear “I love you Mumma” very soon.  In the meantime, we continue to add signs to the repertoire, so he can communicate in some way.

In the last two months, we’ve added about 8-10 new foods, only with a few issues.  We’ve started juicing, so if he has trouble with a fibrous food, we still get the nutrition into him by juicing.  I am lucky that for a kid with such a restricted diet, a kale, chard, collard, cabbage, beet, pear, and clementine juice is so appealing to him.  As is sauerkraut!  If you ask my husband, he would have said egg yolk passed, and it would have been nice to have an animal protein, but Dr. Mom saw the slight differences in attitude change and an earlier wake up time in the morning, and determined it a failure.  After we stopped giving that, the 5am wake ups went back to their usual 6 or 6:30. We’ve since added turkey and chicken with seemingly no issues.

We finally got our Nutra Eval results from the doctor recently.  I have been very happy and proud of the strides we’ve made in the last year, adding foods, better sleep, a healthier looking kiddo, the results chopped me down to size and showed us for as far as we have come, we have a long road ahead of us.  I allowed myself the weekend after getting the results to be pissed at the world for the karma of our situation, to feel bad for our son, and to wonder where in heck we will find the funds for more supplements.  Given my time to “grieve”, I am now resolved that we WILL get through this, and we WILL get him better.

So here are the results. He has bacteria and yeast in his gut.  These lead to gut permeability and malabsorption.  They also leak toxic chemicals into the body that can impair brain function.  He’s not breaking down Tryptophan correctly, so he isn’t making seratonin or melatonin in the correct amounts, and thus may be adding to his failure to sleep long stretches.  His cells are showing signs of fatigue, and they aren’t getting their energy because of his iron deficiency anemia.  His body is showing dangerously low levels of riboflavin, folate and B12, which confirms why giving him the Thorne’s makes him look better and is further evidence of the impact of the MTHFR abnormality.  He has an imbalance of copper and zinc, leading to lower stomach acid, which can inhibit food digestion and absorption.  His omega 9’s are too high and his fatty acids, the things that feed the brain, are all on the low side.

By far though, the most disturbing results we have are that his heavy metals are in the toxic range.  For lead and mercury, by far the most worrisome and toxic metals, thankfully he is very low.  No flu shot while pregnant and no vaccines seems have kept him safe from those two metals.  Unfortunately, his antimony, arsenic and tin levels are all very high.  Tin makes some sense, the stupid Elecare formula comes in tin cans, and there isn’t a thing I can do about that.  The antimony doesn’t make sense to me, as I thought I was being super diligent being the crunchy mom with the organic flame retardant free mattress and the all cotton, no flame retardant PJs.  Now looking into it more, antimony is in all stuffed furniture, leathers, carpets, stuffed animals, etc.  It is very hard to avoid. Arsenic is in our water supply and some filters, like our Brita, can’t get it all out.  It can also come from contaminated seafood.  With his heavy metal load, it will further decrease the effectiveness of his metabolic processes.  One day, after the nutrition side of his issues have been addressed, we will need to do chelation, using supplements to drag heavy metals out of the body for excretion.

These results, confirm that our son’s body can not process or detoxify correctly.  It is imbalanced and in an inflammatory state.  Had we vaccinated under these conditions, and with a genetic abnormality that 98% of autistics carry, this “Our Story” may have been very very different.  Both the DAN! and our mainstream pedi GI think we have avoided what could have been a catastrophic situation. I feel so blessed to have this intuition that may have saved my child’s life.

With a lot of work, effort, and unfortunately more $$$, all of the issues discovered by the testing can be addressed over the long haul.  We’ll add a few more supplements to his regime to address the nutritional deficiencies.  We’ll add Nystatin, a prescription anti fungal, to kill off the yeast and bacteria. We’ve put off vaccinating permanently, as we can see that he doesn’t have the capacity to detox even with out the impediment of viruses, adjuncts and metals.  We’ll do everything to nurture and support him physically and emotionally, knowing that so many of these factors may contribute to some of the more frustrating parts of our parenting situation, like sleep and hyperactivity.  We’ll continue this fight until one day, instead of saying I am helping heal my son, I will proudly proclaim, the he is healed.

Below is the list of supplements that our son currently takes, at a cost of $3/day, or $1,100 a year. Some may be shocked a little kid can take so much, but I can attest to the fact that we have only seen nothing but progress when adding each of these and I fully attribute his gains over the last year to this schedule of supplements.

Bioplasma (homeopathic tissue salts)
Calcarea Flour (homeopathic tissue salts)
TwinLab Infant Care
Natural Calm Magnesium Zinc + C
Metagenics Zinc Drink
Culturelle Kids Dairy Free Probiotic
Source Naturals D3
Country Life Biotin 500mcg
Thorne Basic B Complex
Kirkman Enzyme
Kirkman Probiotics
Liquimins Iron 22mg
Kirkman Cod Liver Oil
Custom Flower Essence


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  1. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for posting this. You’ve encouraged me to trust my own gut more that something is a bit “off” with my 9 month old. Time to do some more research!

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